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Hypnotic Gastric Band Weight Loss


Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery has ALL the Benefits of the REAL Surgery

WITHOUT the...






The HypnoLite Program is for women and men of all ages and sizes, who want to lose weight easily, naturally and permanently - without dieting, without painful surgery, and without huge costs!

Hypnotic Gastric Band Weight Loss has been around for a while, but over the last several years, CHA Founder & Principle Clinical Hypnotherapist, Violet Erdil, has taken this method, refined it, added her expertise, and created one of the most successful hypnotic gastric band weight loss systems currently available - the HypnoLite Hypnotic Gastric Band Weight Loss Program.


Book in for your 1st HypnoLite Session either In-Clinic or Online/Virtually

This is simply a 15 min obligation free phone consult, to see if HypnoLite is suitable for you & to answer any questions YOU may have!

This PRORGRAM is CHANGING LIVES! Let us help change yours too.

Rachel's Story

Rachel had previously had bariatric surgery, opting for the gastric sleeve - and it had stopped working. She was booked in to have gastric bypass when she came to Clinical Hypnotherapy Australia, and we're so glad she did, because as a result she was able to spare herself from the pain, expense and recovery that comes with a surgery that did not work for her the first time.

In less than 12 months Rachel had lost a staggering 47kgs, down to 79kgs... the lowest she has been her entire adult life; and the weight is still coming off. She is looking and feeling amazing, and has said it has been, and we quote... "easy"!

Rachel's Testimonial...

“Meeting Violet has been life-changing. She's so warm and caring and you instantly feel at ease. I've sought help from many different directions and methods for PTSD, Anxiety and Weight Management, none of them had the same affect as my sessions with Violet. I can highly recommend booking Hypnotherapy - I'll be the first to admit I didn't have high expectations, but I've been amazed at the results. I only wish I'd found her sooner!"

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Anchor 1 Rachels Case Study

This Program is for YOU

if you answer YES to any of the below...

👉 You are sick of diets & "yo yo" dieting!

👉 You binge eat, emotionally eat or have food addictions!

👉 You are thinking of having bariatric surgery!

👉 You've HAD bariatric surgery & the weight is starting to return!

👉 You have always struggled with your weight!

👉 You've tried everything else & nothing seems to work, or at least not long term!

👉 You are constantly stressed - overthinking or obsessing about food & your weight!

👉 You've lost your motivation & confidence!

👉 You have put on weight after having kids that has become difficult or impossible to lose!

👉 You're finding that trying to juggle your weight with life, work, home, kids & relationships is too much!

👉 You are finding it increasingly difficult to lose weight as you are getting older (especially if you are going through menopause or peri-menopause)!

👉 Weight loss has become… TOO HARD, TOO STRESSFULL & has CLAIMED TOO much of YOU… mentally, physically, financially & emotionally!

👉You are concerned about your health due to your weight; or have been diagnosed with any of the following: type 2 diabetes​, high cholesterol or​ fatty liver!

If you answered YES to ANY of the above, this PROGRAM is for YOU!


❌ Because it is NOT a diet!

❌ This is DIFFERENT than EVERYTHING you have EVER tried!

❌ You will NEVER have to count calories, drink shakes, take pills, remove carbohydrates completely, starve yourself or inject yourself with prescription drugs!

❌ You WILL NOT fall off a "wagon" because you won't be on one to start with!

❌ You WILL NOT have to exercise!

❌ You WILL NOT have to endure painful bariatric surgery - or the recovery, potential complications or enormous costs associated with it!

❌ You WON'T have to remove things you love completely from your diet!

❌ You WILL NOT need to spend extra time that you don't have weighing food or cooking complicated recipes!

❌ This WILL NOT add extra stress or pressure to your life!

❌ You DO NOT have to sign up to ANYTHING or pay any ONGOING fees!


✔️ Is weight loss like you have NEVER KNOWN it before & has been designed to be SIMPLE & SUSTAINABLE!

✔️ This is HYPNOTHERAPY for weight loss & IT is a GAME CHANGER!

✔️ It targets your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to address emotional or problem eating at the source!

✔️ HypnoLite™ is about changing EVERYTHING you have ever known about FOOD, WEIGHT & YOUR BODY in your subconscious mind - SIMPLIFYING what you do to make weight loss effortless & permanent! 

✔️ It eliminates bad eating behaviours & replaces them with good, healthy choices... not just for now, but forever! 

✔️ It erases the exhausting & sabotaging "internal chatter" - & changes the way you FEEL about your body!

✔️ It takes holistic approach, tackling nutrition, eating habits & any underlying EMOTIONAL or PSYCHOLOGICAL factors related to your weight!

✔️ It is a way of "doing food" rather than being told "what you can or cannot eat" implanted into your subconscious mind so that your eating behaviours become automatic - you won't even consciously think about it - you'll just do it!

✔️ It is ALL NATURAL  & completely different to anything else!

✔️ And HypnoLite uses the HYPNOTIC GASTRIC BAND procedure, making your mind genuinely believe that your stomach has been shrunk to just the size of a golf ball, meaning you will just NOT be able to eat too much!

People often give up on weight loss before they get results because it all becomes TOO HARD! Well… this is the “breath of fresh air” you’ve been looking for, because it is EASY, and just continues to get EASIER and EASIER every moment, of every day for the rest of your life!



Jodie's Story

Jodie, a single mum and emergency nurse, was around 127kgs when she first came to Clinical Hypnotherapy Austalia and had suffered a “roller-coaster” of weight issues her whole life even reporting that she had all different sized clothes sitting in boxes. Her eating habits were poor, and she drank little to no water at all, living on Pepsi Max.

Jodie was finding it hard to move around and was struggling with daily activities like tying her shoe laces. But she also wanted to lose weight to improve her confidence, to feel “pretty” again, because she did not like looking at herself in the mirror, and to be a better influence for her two young children.

Only 8 months on and Jodie is a staggering 50 kilos lighter and is loving life – feeling fitter and better than she has in years due to the impact and ease of HypnoLite™ - our Hypnotic Gastric Band Weight Loss Program!


Jodie's Testimonial...

“I found Violet very easy to talk to and the work she does is absolutely amazing. She has changed my life for the better and I cannot thank her enough. I recommend Violet and her hypnosis program to people all the time, she takes on a holistic approach to weight issues. Thank you 🙂"

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Anchor 2 Jodies Case Study

ENOUGH is ENOUGH! We are entering a NEW ERA of weight loss, where it is understood that no amount of dieting, exercise, counting calories or even having bariatric surgery will ultimately make a difference if your MIND is not in the game!


This tried & tested program will change HOW YOU DO FOOD – in your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND!

It is completely NATURAL and HOLISTIC and WILL deal with EVERYTHING associated with WHY YOU are overweight - Mentally, Physically and Emotionally!

Book in for your 1st HypnoLite Session either In-Clinic or Online/Virtually

This is simply a 15 min obligation free phone consult, to see if HypnoLite is suitable for you & to answer any questions YOU may have!

Program Outline.png

Program Cost: $1095

Afterpay or Payment Arrangements Available

Stop dieting, start living and regain your shape, your confidence and your motivation with the incredible HypnoLite Hypnotic Gastric Band Weight Loss Program!

Progra Outline


Anchor 3 HypnoLiteTestimonias

 Vicki McInnes ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"I went to see Violet for weight loss and I just wanted to share as I have now lost over 10kg. I have tried so many different diets but nothing seemed to work anymore. I was sceptical at first that this Hypno Gastric Band would not work but I thought what have I got to lose. Well was I surprised when after the first visit my appetite seemed to slow down and I didn't crave my usual snacks. I followed all the great advice Violet gave me and so when I had the Gastric band procedure, I could not believe the difference in my mind set. I just could not fit the same amount of food into my body and the weight dropped off. This is not dieting it's changing your way of eating that will last a lifetime. Thanks Violet you have changed my life forever."

This program is for you if...

➜ You are sick of diets & "yo yo" dieting... The problem with diets is that they are NOT sustainable. No one wants to count calories forever, drink shakes all day, or never eat a carbohydrate again! It's too hard, & so it does not last - & once the diet stops, any weight you may have lost, returns.

HypnoLite is NOT a diet. It does not involve calorie counting, removing things you love, or strict portion control. There are no shakes, pills, or injections. Instead, this program targets change within your subconscious mind & has been specifically designed to be simple & sustainable. You will NEVER have to diet again!

➜ You are thinking of having bariatric surgery; or have had bariatric surgery & the weight is starting to return... Bariatric surgery can fall short as a holistic weight loss solution, often neglecting nutrition & unhealthy eating habits, & failing to identify underlying emotional & psychological factors. It also has other significant drawbacks such as pain, recovery, risk, & high costs. Weight loss initially occurs, but often - habits resurface, nutrition remains poor, stomach capacity increases, underlying issues persist, & weight starts to return. More than 50% of people we see come through the HypnoLite™  program - have had bariatric surgery & it has failed!

HypnoLite is a holistic program that addresses nutrition, eating habits, & underlying emotional or psychological factors related to weight, in the subconscious mind - as a result, facilitating easy, effective, & most importantly, permanent weight loss - WITHOUT the pain, recovery, complications & cost of actual surgery!

➜ You have always struggled with your weight; or have tried everything & nothing seems to work long term... Diets, surgery, drugs, & appetite suppressants all have different limitations, but they share the inability to access the subconscious mind, & this is where eating habits, beliefs, behaviours, & memories need to be addressed in order to achieve lasting change. 

HypnoLite™ targets eating habits, beliefs, behaviours, & underlying emotional or psychological factors within your subconscious mind, & eliminates obstacles that hinder weight loss by removing, releasing, or reprogramming them here - where it counts!

➜ You are concerned about your health due to your weight; or have been diagnosed with high cholesterol &/or type 2 diabetes in particular... 

Weight gain can affect your overall health in many ways, increasing your risk factors to many conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, some cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol & more. All of which start to strip away your life quality & longevity.

HypnoLite not only helps shed kilos but also promotes overall health & well-being. It effectively controls &, in some cases, helps to reverse type 2 diabetes, while reducing the risk of developing it. It also supports reducing high cholesterol, defending against weight-related risks, & helping to safeguard long-term health for a brighter, healthier future.

➜ You binge eat, emotionally eat, or have food addictions...  Binge or emotional eating habits are created in your  subconscious mind as a response to negative emotional reactions to things that have happened in your life, prompting your subconscious to use food as comfort & weight as protection. These behaviours become automatic & addictive because the subconscious mind learns to associate them with various emotional states, so you will often find yourself eating without even being consciously aware of it.

HypnoLite targets the subconscious mind to address binge eating, emotional eating, & food addictions at their root, enabling a successful weight loss journey & eliminating these behaviours altogether by addressing the underlying factors that underpin them.

➜ You are constantly stressed, overthink &/or obsess about food & your weight... Constant overthinking & obsessing about food & your weight leads to an exhausting & overwhelming internal dialogue that is unproductive & often sabotaging when you are trying to lose weight!

HypnoLite  will ERASE that "internal chatter" for good through suggestion therapy directed straight into the subconscious mind.

➜ You have lost your motivation & confidence when it comes to weight loss... Several factors can significantly affect your motivation, confidence, and self-esteem when it comes to your weight. These include fear of failure, thoughtless or malicious comments from people in your life, unsuccessful attempts in the past, post-pregnancy or age-related weight gain, hormonal issues, and negative body image. All of these elements can undermine the essential attributes needed for achieving success.


HypnoLite is a cutting-edge solution designed to promote weight loss through empowering you by boosting your motivation, confidence, & self-esteem with positive & uplifting suggestions implanted into your subconscious mind. Furthermore, by effectively dealing with any underlying problems & negative self-talk inflicted as a result of past experiences, we help you pave the way for a transformative journey towards a healthier, lighter & happier you.

➜ You are finding it increasingly difficult to lose weight as you get older &/or as a result of juggling work-life balance... With age, undesirable afflictions like hormonal changes & weight gain, particularly during menopause, become more prevalent, especially for women. Metabolisms naturally slow down, & unhealthy eating &/or drinking habits become less forgiving without the benefits of youth. Work/life balance, or lack thereof, often leads to less healthy lifestyle choices, & the task of facilitating change becomes overwhelming, whether due to age, lifestyle, or both.

HypnoLite  is tailored for individuals of all ages, and considers the demands of busy modern lifestyles. It offers simplicity, long-term sustainability, & seamless integration into busy schedules, whilst addressing the challenges of aging. With our program, weight management becomes one less thing to worry about as you get older.

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